Most Dreaded Stadiums To Play In College Football

Most Dreaded College Stadiums to Play In 
Playing an away game in college football can be intimidating as it is. There are some stadiums where the home team definitely has the advantage. At every game there will be thousands of loud fans cheering on the home team. These are some of the most intimidating college football stadiums to play in.

Tiger Stadium at LSU
This stadium has been nicknamed Death Valley and is of one of the most dangerous places to play in all of college football. There are over 100,000 Tiger fans that show up for each game to support their team. The end zones are the school colors of purple and yellow. This stadium is always in the top 25 ranking of all iconic stadiums. The night games here can be so loud the stadium is called Deaf Valley by some.

Ohio Stadium at Ohio State
This stadium got the nickname the Horseshoe due to the unique shape. This is one of the largest stadiums in college football. The OH, Io chant can be heard during the game from loyal fans. It is tough for a visiting team to make their presence known here.

Kyle Field at Texas A&M
This is the NCAA’s version of the 12th Man. The field is filled to capacity every game. The stadium has seen some improvement over the last couple of years which has only made it more popular. The fans here will support their team and they come out to every game.

Michigan Stadium at Michigan
This stadium is the largest in the United States. This stadium is so large that it is the third biggest stadium n the world. It even got the nickname Big House. The stadium can hold over 100,000 Michigan fans every game. if playing in the large stadium is not intimidating enough than playing in front of all the home fans just may be. When the players enter the field the need to jump to touch the banner to follow the tradition of college football and to honor the fans that have come to attend a good college football game.

Sanford Stadium at Georgia
This stadium is nicknamed Between the Hedges. The field is surrounded by green hedges making it one of the most talked about stadiums in college football. The UGA mascot can be seen walking around the field and by the time kick off comes around this stadium is packed with fans.

Memorial Stadium at Clemson
This stadium is smaller then some of the others but it is big with noise and pride for their team. This stadium is known for their fireworks when the Tiger take the field. Following the fireworks are balloons and noise from the crowd. Many say this team has the most dramatic entrance in college football. While this stadium may be small it is just as intimidating or not more then the other college stadiums.

Rose Bowl
This is one of the most famous stadiums and most well respected games played in college football. The stadium is one of the most challenging places to play in. Some think it is due to nerves while others think it is due to the tough teams that play here. This stadium even hosted the Olympic games.
These are some of the most intimidating stadiums in college football. These stadiums accommodate the fans so they can show the pride they have for their home team.

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