Top College Football Players Come Draft Day

Three schools will dominate the initial 15 picks of the 2017 NFL Draft 
In the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft, expect three schools to have six of the initial 15 picks selected in the first round including four from the University of Alabama, and two each from The Ohio State University and Louisiana State University (LSU). All expect the Cleveland Browns to start off the first round with the selection of defensive end Myles Garrett from Texas A&M. Despite the lack of a franchise quarterback, the Browns will not be able to keep themselves from picking Garrett since his performance at the recent NFL combine was more impressive than they had expected. The second pick belongs to the San Francisco 49’ers and it is expected that the first of four Alabama players will selected. Defensive end Jonathan Allen is expected to be the pick despite the poor showing he turned in at the combine. This selection could potentially change if the 49’ers are able to deal for New England Patriot’s backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo or Washington Redskin’s signal caller Kirk Cousins.

The first of two LSU players to be drafted will be Jamal Adams. Adams, a safety, will be selected by the Tennessee Titans who have this pick which was obtained from a trade made with the Los Angeles Rams one year ago. Despite not having the best of combines, the Titans like Adams namely since Malik Hooker of Ohio State is expected to be out four to six months due to a pair of surgeries. The New York Jets will make it back to back LSU players drafted when they choose running back Leonard Fournette. Although Fournette was slowed by injuries in his senior season, he has graded out a lot better than a couple of running back selected of late in the NFL in Ezekiel Elliott and Todd Gurley.

The seventh and eighth pick of the first round will come from the Buckeyes. The Los Angeles Chargers will go with Malik Hooker who will fill an immediate need since Eric Waddle departed. Although Hooker has gone through recent surgeries, he is expected to be available prior to Week One of the 2017 season. The Carolina Panthers have the eighth pick and will likely go after the best available player. Cornerbacks are deep in this year’s draft yet expect the Panthers to select Marshon Lattimore who is considered the top corner available. The Panthers value high character players which Lattimore fits and they need to fill a void left when Josh Norman departed to the Redskins.

The Cincinnati Bengals own the ninth pick and they are projected to take the third Alabama player selected in the first round. Linebacker Rueben Foster will likely fill in the spot filled by veteran Karlos Dansby who is a free agent. Foster is considered the top linebacker prospect but did not fair well at the combine as he was asked to leave when he had a disagreement with a hospital worker. The fourth Alabama prospect to be selected will be cornerback Marlon Humphrey. This second first round draft pick was obtained through the trade with the Philadelphia Eagles in last year’s draft. The Browns have several needs to address and own 11 picks in the 2017 draft. There secondary is considered the worst in the NFL anchored by a hobbled former Pro Bowler Joe Haden. Haden is no longer reliable enough to be counted on and the Browns need to move on with their overhaul of the roster. Cornerback Marlon Humphrey would fill the void, and along with expected first pick Myles Garrett, gives the Browns new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams an opportunity to realize immediate improvement.

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